Multiroom TV & DVD Distribution

Multiroom TV & DVD Distribution  

Another part of our media system provides high definition TV & DVD distribution throughout the home .

From any TV or touchscreen the home control panel will be displayed as per our home page. By selecting the TV icon all your favourite TV channels will be displayed. Select the channel you would like to watch and it can be viewed in the room that you're in, or in any room you select. Also displayed will be any digital receivers, such as Sky or Freeview. When selected your screen will change to the Sky or Freeview menu and your one remote will navigate around as if you were using your Sky or Freeview remote.

By selecting the video icon all your DVD collection showing cover art and film details will be displayed, all stored on one central hard drive. Select the DVD you would like to watch and it can be viewed in the room you're in, or any room that you select all from your one remote control.

 Please click on the TV  and Video icons on our home page to show one option of a how a display may look.




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